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Please contact Michael Calderwood with questions regarding interactome projects.
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Please contact Tong Hao with your questions or comments.
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CCSB interactome mapping and ORFeome cloning efforts are supported by federal grants from the National Human Genome Research Institute, the National Cancer Institute and the National Science Foundation, and by funding from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Strategic Initiative, The Ellison Foundation and the W. M. Keck Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why is it taking so long to load the network display page?
  • A: Your JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is not started yet. This could take several seconds or more depending on the speed of your machine. The network display page will load much faster once your JVM is running. You can test your JVM here.

  • Q: Why doesn’t the Java Applet work for my browser?
  • A: You either don’t have JVM installed or Java is not enabled on your browser. You can test if your JVM is installed here. If not, please read the detail instructions on that page to enable Java.

  • Q: How do I enable JavaScript for Firefox?
  • A: Open Firefox, click the “Tools” drop down box and select “Options.” In the dialog box, chose the “Content” tab, and check the “Enable JavaScript” box.

  • Q: How do I enable JavaScript for Safari?
  • A: Click “Preferences.” In the dialog box, chose the “Security” tab, and check the “Enable JavaScript” box.