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CCSB Interactome Mapping and ORFeome cloning efforts are supported by funding from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Strategic Initiative, The Ellison Foundation and the W. M. Keck Foundation and by federal grants from the National Human Genome Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the US Department of Energy.

Virhostome Download Page

VirORFs 145 Viral ORFs used in the experiment
VirORF sequences ORF sequences in fasta format
VirHost 947 VirHost proteins identified through TAP-MS association (3 or more unique peptides), Y2H interaction, or as differentially expressed TFs from motif enrichment analysis.
Y2H binary interactions Summary of virus-host binary interactions identified by Y2H screens.
TAP-MS co-complex associationsList of virus-host protein associations identified in two independent TAP-MS experiments.
Transcriptome Annotation of the most frequently perturbed host genes, with the cluster membership, fold changes, and adjusted P values in each viORF-expressing cell line relative to control cell line.