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Interactome Datasets
Data nameDescriptionReference
CCSB-YI1 interactions from CCSB-YI11 1,809 interactions among 1,278 proteins Yu et al Science 2008
Ito-core interactions from Ito-Core 843 interactions among 813 proteins Ito et al PNAS 2001
Uetz-screen interactions from Uetz-screen 691 interactions among 437 proteins Uetz et al Nature 2000
Y2H-union the union of CCSB-YI1, Ito-core and Uetz-screen 2,930 interactions among 2,018 proteins Yu et al Science 2008
Combined-AP/MS Co-complex membership associations Collins et al Mol Cell Proteomics 2007
LC-multiple Literature-curated interactions Reguly et al J Biol 2006

Reference Sets
PRSPositive Reference Set
RRSRandom Reference Set
Binary-GS Binary Gold standard Set