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CCSB interactome mapping and ORFeome cloning efforts are supported by federal grants from the National Human Genome Research Institute, the National Cancer Institute and the National Science Foundation, and by funding from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Strategic Initiative, The Ellison Foundation and the W. M. Keck Foundation.

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Arabidopsis Interactome Mapping Consortium. (Dreze M, Carvunis AR, Charloteaux B, Galli M, Pevzner SJ, Tasan M co-first authors; Braun P, Vidal M, Ecker JR, Hill DE co-corresponding authors)
Evidence for network evolution in an Arabidopsis interactome map.
Science 2011; 333:601-7.
Arabidopsis Interactome, version 1 (AI-1)
Arabidopsis protein-protein interactionsAll protein-protein interactions from AI-1 and literature databases *
Reference setsPositive and random reference sets
Space 1 proteinsList of Space 1 proteins
Plant-Pathogen Immune Network, version 1 (PPIN-1)
Table 1
Pathogen ORF clones and Arabidopsis immunity-related ORF clones used to map PPIN-1.
Table 2, part A
Protein-protein interactions experimentally mapped in Mukthar et al. (Figure 1B). Note that pathogen clones are collapsed to gene loci when representing the same gene loci.
Table 2, part B
PPIN-1 protein-protein interactions.
Table 2, part C
Protein-protein interactions experimentally mapped in Mukthar et al. (Figure 1B). Note that pathogen clones are not collapsed when representing the same gene loci.

* AI-1 interactions coming from AI-1 MAIN (AI1_M) and the AI-1 REPEAT (AI1_R) are distinguished. Subsets of intreractions coming from the literature (LCI) are highlighted: LCI BINARY (LCI_B) include only interactions binary (direct) interactions; LCI CORE (LCI_C) is a subset of LCI BINARY (LCI_B) including interactions supported by at least two publications or at least two experimental methods. See publication and supplementary material for more information.