Human Reference Protein Interactome Project

One of the long-term goals at the Center for Cancer Systems Biology (CCSB) is to generate a first reference map of the human protein-protein interactome network. To reach this target, we are identifying binary protein-protein interactions (PPIs) by systematically interrogating all pairwise combinations of predicted human protein-coding genes using proteome-scale technologies. Our approach to map high-quality PPIs is based on using yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) as the primary screening method followed by validation of subsets of PPIs in multiple orthogonal assays for binary PPI detection.

All individual datasets are described in further details here and are freely available to the research community through the search engine or via downloadPreliminary data from ongoing projects are also described and available for download (email required).

Announcements and News

HuRI portal website is officially launched.


HuRI portal website is officially launched.
All protein interaction data identified in systematic screens at CCSB published and unpublished is made publicly available under one access point for search and download.